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Dog Toothbrush
Dog Toothbrush
Dog Toothbrush

Dog Toothbrush

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  • Product category: Snake toys

    Material: TPR

    Instructions: Dog brushing sticks are a must for dog owners, and they want to keep their pet's teeth healthy and clean.


    1. Designed to clean both sides of the teeth and angled to fit comfortably in the pet's mouth.

    2. Includes a stable base so your pet can hold the brush stick more easily.

    3. Bilateral Bristle Slots-Clean dog teeth to gum line.

    4. Dog brushing stick is a great way to make your pet really want to clean their teeth and provide them with a fun and enjoyable experience.

    5. Toothbrush makes cleaning your teeth a pleasant experience for your pet and promotes chewing.

    Size: 10 x 14,5 x 4,8

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